When the leaves start to turn and the first signs of winter become apparent, the most fashion-conscious women will be pulling out their voluminous coats and jackets. A trend embraced by some of the world’s best designers, “big” was in when it came to the Fall 2012 runways, and you should be thankful. Here’s why: more room in your outerwear means more warmth for you standing on those frigid subway platforms or scraping off the previous night’s ice from your windshield. You’ll never have to worry that a fabulous chunky knit sweater will make for a too-snug coat and you’ll be rocking a look that dates back many years, which is half the battle to a winning vintage piece. Whether you go old school or new, this is a must-have look for your cool days and chilly nights.

Pink Ladies
One way to add an interesting focal point to a camel coat is by inserting a colorful lining. Can’t find one on the market? You’d be surprised how affordable it is to take one to a tailor with instructions to replace the current lining with the one of your choice, even more so when you supply the fabric. Just a new lining on the front panels only will make all the difference. Wear it with your basic solid-color pieces for the lining to really stand out.